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Combat Drug Crisis 


We must take decisive action to combat the drug crisis ravaging our streets. Through stronger law enforcement efforts, we will tackle open drug use and the crime/safety issues it brings. However, we also need a compassionate approach that makes effective addiction treatment more accessible and affordable for those struggling. In addition, providing better mental health support services is crucial to addressing the root causes and helping people overcome substance abuse disorders.


Cracking Down on Crime 


Ensuring public safety is a top priority. We cannot turn a blind eye to any crimes, no matter how small. A tough stance with real consequences for offenders is needed to deter them from progressing to more serious criminal acts. By cracking down on all crime, from petty theft to violent offenses, we will make our neighborhoods safer places to live, work, and raise families. Residents deserve to feel secure day and night.

Backing Local Businesses


The success of our local businesses is vital to New Westminster's economic growth and prosperity. My administration will focus on helping these entrepreneurs thrive by reducing burdensome regulations that too often hinder small business expansion. We will put the needs of our city's businesses first by creating policies that allow them to flourish while providing jobs and services for our residents.


Bolstering Public Services


Our public services like healthcare and police are pivotal to maintaining a high quality of life. After seeing too many healthcare workers let go during the pandemic, we will make hiring them back a key priority to fully staff our hospitals and clinics. For law enforcement, we need to increase the number of police officers patrolling our streets to deter crime. Just as importantly, we must ensure our cops have all the resources, equipment and tools they need to do their jobs effectively.


Enhancing Education System 


Investing in our children's education is an investment in the future. Instead of relying too heavily on portable classrooms, we will focus on building new schools to properly accommodate our growing student population. Additionally, we will bring back the traditional grade level system which provides clearer indicators of a student's progress. We will also implement a more transparent curriculum system so parents fully understand what their children are being taught.


Affordable Childcare Solutions 


Finding affordable, quality childcare is an immense challenge for too many families in our city. My plan is to open more childcare facilities and spaces to meet the high demand. But we will also provide direct incentives to make childcare more affordable and accessible for all income levels. Every parent should have access to reasonably priced childcare options that allow them to pursue career opportunities.

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