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Daniel Kofi Ampong: A Proud Son of Ghana Building a Better New West

From the bustling streets of Obuasi to the diverse neighborhoods of New Westminster, Daniel Kofi Ampong's journey has been one of perseverance, community, and an unwavering drive to uplift those around him.

Born in Ghana, Daniel's path led him and his family to Canada in 1994 where they planted roots in this vibrant city. Immersing himself in New West's rich tapestry, he became an integral thread - coaching youth soccer, supporting newcomers through the Ghana Association of BC, and operating a beloved local business.

For over 30 years, Daniel has witnessed New Westminster and Burnaby's evolution first-hand. He's experienced the challenges of affordable housing, public safety concerns, and struggles as a business owner for almost 20 years.

Now, armed with his deep-rooted passion and intimate understanding of the community's needs, Daniel is taking the next step to serve as your voice as an MLA.

His vision is crystal clear: making New Westminster one of the most affordable, dynamic, and inclusive cities in the Lower Mainland. He'll achieve this by reinvigorating local businesses, investing in neighborhood revitalization efforts like the Food Truck Fest revival, and empowering the next generation through youth programs and mentorship.

But most importantly, Daniel wants to forge a New West where every resident feels heard, represented, and united in civic pride.


From mobilizing a safer streets initiative to protecting cherished events like May Day, Daniel's brand of progressive leadership will chart an exciting new course for this city he calls home.

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