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Making a Difference

Daniel Kofi Ampong was born in Ghana and he came here in 1994 and has always been devoted to the people.

He's very active with the youth in the New West community and he has since coached New West High School soccer for numerous years before the pandemic.

He is also part of the Ghana Association of BC where they come together to help out new Ghanaians who arrive to the city

His vision is to make New West among the best and most affordable place to live in the lower mainland.

That will come through helping local businesses thrive and investing in the youth of the city through schools and

other positive initiatives.

Daniel would like to tackle the issues that surround safety and accessibility around the city especially during the night

He holds a positive stance on the current state of the city and would like to do his part to improve the growth of this city with all the new residents that reside here every day. 

As well as being very involved with the community for the last 27 years, he also runs a local shop in New West as well 


My goal is to help clean the city, make it a safer place for all​ as well as bring diversity to city hall so that we can help people of different backgrounds

Some others include:

  • ​Fix some of the existing streets 

  • Fix the bike lane on seventh street 

  • Try and bring back the May Day festival and make it better for the community 

  • Re visit the Royal City name removal 

  • Work hard to bring back the food truck festival


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