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Making a Difference


Born in Obuasi, Ghana, my journey brought me to Canada in 1994, where my family and I settled in New Westminster. Immersed in this vibrant community, I became an integral part of its diverse tapestry.

As a local business owner, I forged connections across sectors, fostering growth and unity. My dedication to nurturing youth extended to active involvement with various sports teams, shaping not just talent but character.

Having witnessed the city’s evolution, I am compelled to contribute to its ongoing progress. I envision a New Westminster where every voice is valued, infrastructure thrives, affordable housing flourishes, and communities are united by shared aspirations.

Now stepping forward as a candidate for MLA, I pledge to translate my dedication and love for my community into tangible action. With the support of my neighbors, I aim to be a bridge-builder, fostering collaboration and empowerment. I am committed to shaping a future where New Westminster shines brighter than ever.

Our Vision

- Tackle Open Drug Use, Make Treatment Affordable, Add Mental Health Support And Services.

- Take All Crime Seriously By Focusing On Consequences That Will Stop Offenders From Progressing To Serious Crimes.

- Help Local Businesses Succeed By Focusing On Regulations That Puts The Local Businesses First.

- Hire Back Healthcare Workers, Hire More Cops And Get Them What They Need.

- Focus On Our Schools By Building Schools, Not Portables, Bring Back The Grade System And A More Transparent Curriculum System.

- Focus On Improving Childcare With More Childcare Spaces And Affordable Incentives.


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